Welcome to Canadian Diver

Canada features some of the best diving in the world.  Now for the uninitiated, the very idea might seem horrifying:  diving in water where temperatures hover just a shade north of 32 degrees.  “Not a chance” is a common response. But to those in the know, that kind of reaction often evokes a discrete smile and occasionally the cryptic response “you have no idea.”

There are few places in the world where you get a chance to dive with Sea Lions and Six Gill Sharks; the possibility of exploring some of the most untouched marine environments in the world; an opportunity to explore wrecks from the 18th century that, in many cases, are in pristine condition; to dive into historical battle sites.  To ignore that potential as a diver, is to ignore a chance to step through the proverbial looking glass and experience fresh and salt water diving that will leave you gasping in wonder.

So where the best diving in the country?  Well that's what this site is all about.  Through documentaries and magazine articles we're going to try and introduce you to some of the magnificent possibilities Canadian Diving has to offer.  We'll open the door--it's up to you to swim through.

Robert Osborne

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We also have a TV Channel (albeit a very modest one) called Canadian Diver TV.  We gather people's work to show more about what diving is like in Canada.