About Me: Robert Osborne

This web site began about seven years ago when I decided to combine my skills as a journalist with one of my greatest passions in life--writing stories.  I was pitching ideas to  magazines and newspapers.  Frankly, I got tired of explaining who I was.  So I thought, why not make a web site that editors can visit and see exactly what kind of work that I’m capable of--thus “Canadian Diver.”  But ultimately the idea grew.  I realized Canadian Diver could be so much more:  a place for people who just want to read stories about diving in Canada, a place to get some honest feedback about dive locations and gear.  Ultimately I wanted to turn Canadian Diver into the definitive place on the web to go for information about all things diving in Canada.  That's an ambitious idea and one that may take some time to effect.  Meanwhile enjoy the site.  Also check out my other site www.planetdive.ca

I’m a journalist with more than 30 years experience under my belt. Mostly I've worked for major network shows like W5 and Marketplace.  Over the years I've also written and directed a number of underwater documentary projects for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Global TV, CTV and the Discovery Channel.  I’ve been writing for magazines and newspapers for about ten years now, publishing diving stories worldwide.  I'm a regular contributer to Scuba Diver Life.  I also write a diving column for the Huffington Post.  

I’ve been a certified diver since 1971 (Lahr Sub Aqua Club in Bandol, France.)  I hold certifications from NAUI (Advanced), PADI (Assistant Instructor), TDI (Full Cave, Decompression Procedures and Advanced Nitrox) and NACD (Intro to Cave.)  Looking forward to moving into Trimix once I get enough bottom time under my belt and ultimately into rebreathers.